YouTube Video Converter Online

Even if you have never convert YouTube videos , sooner or later this skill may come in handy. The need to save video from YouTube can be different: maybe you need to stock up on interesting content before heading out into the wilderness, or you want to show your friends interesting videos at your picnic outside the city. And many more collect a whole collection of videos on their HDMs because of good quality and rare videos that can be removed from YouTube are always in price.
Whatever the reason, we are sure that at least once in your life you needed to save at least something from YouTube.

And what to do in this case? The YouTube functionality itself does not imply the preservation of content because its owner receives royalties for the number of views. And many users are against such a policy precisely because you cannot convert YouTube videos to your media and view them whenever it suits you. This is really beneficial for video owners, but not for users. Therefore, YouTube video converters for stationary viewing are always popular.

How to choose a YouTube downloader that can meet all your needs? Let’s see what we have in store for you! We have collected YouTube converters to video, with which you can not only save the video content you need, but also provide it with high quality, HD and 4K resolution, as well as a format convenient for you.
We select YouTube video converters that can be used in different conditions, be it a PC and desktop use or a mobile application for your tablet, smartphone or even PSP.
So let’s dive into the variety of YouTube mp4 converters that we have selected for you.

Let’s review some of YouTube video converters:

Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake (Windows)
Supported Audio formats
Supported Video formats

If you are seeking for a tool that will work without a hitch when you need to download YouTube mp3 or mp4 files, then you’ll be much surprised with the abilities of a Freemake Video Downloader. This YouTube converter app is very simple to use but its functionality is extremely wide.

What Types of File Can I Get With Freemake Video App?

When you start your work with this YouTube downloader, you have a wide range of extensions to choose from. It supports both PC’s mp4 and mobile mp4 formats allows to save files in 3GP and WebM format with many other options available including the ability to download music from YouTube in mp3. It can be used both as a simple YouTube downloader and as a YouTube converter to the format you need.

Working With Freemake Is Simple

All you need to do if you want to save from YouTube any type of content is to copypaste its URL into the command line of the YouTube to mp3 converter app. It will find all appropriate options with various formats and resolutions. Then choose the folder you want to save YouTube video to and start a process. Nothing else is required!

You are also welcome to choose the format you need when working with this YouTube video downloader app. It will convert the video and audio in any format in a flash.

  • It’s a freeware application without any fees or regular payments required.
  • This YouTube to mp3 converter provides the simplest work with its user-friendly interface.
  • Converting into multiple formats is available.
  • Searching by the URL is integrated.
  • No additional functions besides downloading and saving files.
  • In last updates, the option for saving full playlists doesn’t work.

Any Video Downloader

Any Video Downloader (Windows)
Supported Audio formats
MP3, M4A
Supported Video formats

One of the best and undoubtedly the oldest YouTube converters on the Internet is AVC YouTube Video Converter. The program interface of this YouTube to mp3 converter is as simple as possible, which makes it a convenient solution for downloading videos from YouTube in mp4 or any modern format.

What Formats Does AVC YouTube Video Converter Support?

First of all, this YouTube converter to mp4 is a great solution if you want to download videos from YouTube because it supports all formats of YouTube content. You can also easily convert YouTube video saved with it to one of the popular formats – DivX, Xvid, MPEG, VOB. Another worthy quality of this YouTube video converter is the presence of special formats for playing videos in i-devices and PSP consoles. And, of course, this YouTube mp3 converter supports the very FLV that is especially in demand today.

Audio Converter Functions

Another useful quality of this YouTube video downloader is the ability to convert high bitrate audio. You no longer need to bother how to recode a downloaded track for uploading to iTunes or uploading to a flash drive to listen to it on a sound system or car radio. This YouTube mp3 converter will do everything for you.

  • Quick and easy search for music and videos on YouTube
  • Free use of YouTube downloader
  • Open source that allows you to use custom updates and patches
  • No ads
  • Not found


Keepv.ID (Web)
Supported Audio formats
Supported Video formats

A simple and reliable YouTube downloader is about KeepvID. Such a tool will come in handy for any music lover because saving your favorite song from YouTube and even for free is convenient and simple. However, you can use it as a YouTube video downloader for PC without any problems. Due to the lightweight of the program, this YouTube audio downloader online application is suitable for PCs and laptops of any age, and it requires little RAM.

How to Use KeepvID

Everything is simpler: start YouTube converter, try to search for the URL that interests you, and then dig a little in the settings of the YouTube downloader. You will receive an output that will perform formats, the quality in which YouTube songs will be downloaded, as well as the bit rate. With this YouTube to mp3 downloader, you can download streaming videos online and convert YouTube to MP3 in just a few seconds. You can also use that YouTube converter online to save other formats – the choice is quite large.

What Sites Does this YouTube Downloader for Free Support?

KeepvID YouTube video converter supports over 1000+ platforms with video, music, films, including various streaming platforms, social networks (Facebook, Instagram), services of large video platforms like BBC, Fox, FoxNews

  • Converts YouTube to mp3 and mp4 quickly and efficiently.
  • Convenient and simple interface.
  • Low weight and low program requirements.
  • Lots of sites from which you download music in mp3.
  • Quality and bitrate settings.
  • No.

And couple more YouTube video converters

When you have already seen the variety of YouTube download apps, you will surely be interested in how each YouTube converter works. We will help you find out more in our FAQ section.

How to convert YouTube videos?

The easiest way to save YouTube videos is online versions of all the listed applications. If you want to get the fastest possible result, and the format and resolution are not the most important role, online options are the best option for YouTube downloaders. For those who appreciate quality, resolution and other options, saving with YouTube is worth using other methods: using applications for Windows, Chrome browser extensions, or special versions of all these YouTube converters for Android or iOS. All options have full functionality, and the video that you save with their help will be of high quality.

How to use YouTube video converter?

If you think YouTube converter for videos requires a lot of knowledge, you are wrong. All you need in order to use YouTube video downloader online is to be able to copy the link to the video you need. After that, you can either go to the online video converter website or launch the application on your PC or phone. In both cases, you need to paste the link into the search box and start the download. Before that, YouTube downloader may ask you for a specification of settings – video quality, size, format, save location and other parameters. But all this is intuitive at first sight. Therefore, a downloader for YouTube is always a good choice.

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