YouTube MP4 Video Downloader Online

Watching videos on YouTube is one of the most popular entertainment. There is so much on this media platform: videos of famous artists’ songs and fan art videos, science films and funny videos with cats, serious educational projects and celebrity vlogs. All this is quite accessible to every user with a good Internet connection. But what if you don’t want to depend on the Internet but you still want to watch your favorite movies or videos? Then you just need to download from YouTube to mp4 and enjoy watching at any time convenient for you.

How to download from YouTube to mp4? To do this, you will need a special YouTube MP4 downloader. Today there are many of them because the mp4 format is one of the most popular. Since users are usually interested in a variety of options, for example, how to download a YouTube video without installing applications, or how to save a video from YouTube to a mobile device, we have selected a shortlist of a convenient and simple YouTube downloaders.

Let’s start our list with convenient option that is web-based YouTube downloaders online. Among them, it is a FlvTo YouTube downloader that keeps the first place. To use it, just visit a website and start downloading. To do this, just copy the URL of a video you want to download and paste it to the search line. After that, choose a format you want to convert the video. There are multiple options like mp4, mp4 HD, Avi and Avi HD. There is also some special hint for those who use this YouTube to mp4 downloader to save multiple videos at once. Just type fl. before the body of the URL to save YouTube video quickly. FlvTo is also available to download and install on your PC for Windows OS and Mac OS and for Andriod OS on your smartphones.

Freemake Video Downloader is a desktop app that allows to download YouTube to mp4 as quickly as possible. It is claimed to be #1 world YouTube downloader. You are able to save single videos along with video playlists or even whole YouTube channels. Working for free, this YouTube to mp4 converter also supports the following formats: WMV, 3GP, PSP, MKV, AVI. And the list of platforms available for download from this YouTube downloader has more than 10,000 sites, including such giants as Vimeo, Facebook, Twitch. By the way, you can download a YouTube video with this downloader not only to your hard drive or phone memory. The application allows you to download directly to your Google drive or Dropbox or OneDrive.

AVC or Any Video Converter / Downloader works for free too. It not only makes it possible to download from YouTube to mp4, but also select a resolution, for example, 4K, HD, 1080, 480, 720, etc. Another convenient option is to search for video and music. You don’t even need to copy the link from YouTube – enter the title into the search bar and the application will find the videos you need by itself. To download from YouTube to mp4 with it is as easy as shelling pears: the interface is very easy and understandable to everyone. In addition, there are no ads in the application, which pleases users.

KeepVid is the best they’ve come up with for downloading mp4 to your mobile phone. This application allows you to choose the video quality, format, and save destination from a wide range of options. Plus, there are no ads or hidden surprises in the form of malware.

You often ask questions about how to use YouTube to mp4 downloader. We decided to answer them in this section so that you can enjoy your downloaded videos anytime without any inconvenience.

How to download MP4 from YouTube?

There are many options for how to save a YouTube video. And they are all available for mp3. First of all, you can use web services as we described above. Then you just need to go to the service website and follow the instructions. It is also possible to select not the whole application, but use a plugin for your browser. Many YouTube downloaders online also have this format. The plugin does not need to be launched separately, it can run in the background when the browser is on. And, of course, apps come in handy. It is worth choosing apps for downloading YouTube videos if only because they usually have more advanced functionality compared to web options or plugins. There are applications not only for desktop operating systems. Many offer customized versions for Android or iOS.

How to use YouTube MP4 downloader?

As for the features of the work of such YouTube to MP4 downloaders, there are not so many of them. Most often, it is enough to copy the URL of a video that you want to download and start the process. Additionally, you can use the search built into some of the applications, select a format other than mp4, set the video quality and resolution settings.

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