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If you are looking for an affordable and reliable way to download the audio tracks you need, converting from YouTube to mp3 is your best assistant in your search. This option will allow you to get the desired audio track in mp3 format from YouTube with a guarantee, as it is the largest media library in the world.

What makes YouTube so popular? There are several reasons. First of all, it is a repository for millions of videos from the beginning of the silent film era to the latest releases of young performers. Moreover, it is a platform for many novice artists, where they can declare themselves quickly and at no extra cost because you can start your channel on YouTube for free, just fill it up with live performances or video clips.

And, of course, monetizing YouTube activity also matters. Therefore, today you can download anything on YouTube in mp3 from classical symphonies to new albums by Billie Eilish or your local musical idol. And this can be done in just a few seconds due to YouTube MP3 converters that can make such downloads fast and efficient. We offer you several options at once for such YouTube downloaders. (Web)
Supported Audio formats
Supported Video formats

If you want to get full access to your favorite video and audio content by downloading it directly to your PC, we have good news for you. That is SaveFrom plug-in that will help you as a reliable YouTube downloader for free.
This is not actually an app but a convenient small plugin that can download YouTube videos, mp3, mp4 and so on and so on. It’s incredibly easy to get it as this YouTube converter works for free and it can be installed directly from its developers’ website.

It is able to download music from YouTube, save videos or some other multimedia content kinda movies, flash videos, GIFs etc. There is nothing to do to deal with this YouTube downloader as it works directly online. You even do not need to launch it as it is hidden in the upper panel of your web browser along with other extensions.

Which Browsers Do Support SaveForm?

There is a wide range of browsers that suit this YouTube downloader online. Starting with Chrome and Safari, you are able to save from YouTube for free with this converter using Molizza, Chromium, Opera or even Yandex Browser. Nothing will stop you from downloading music from YouTube directly with this YouTube downloader tool.

How to Use SaveFrom YouTube Downloader?

Just press an Install button when saving it from the official website. It is right here, in your browser. Do you see a small green arrow in the upper panel? That’s your faithful YouTube to mp3 converter SaveFrom.

You shouldn’t stop just on download of mp3. With SaveFrom mp3 from Youtube is a piece of cake and besides, it works the similar way with 40+ other online platforms and websites allowing you to use downloader online to get access to its media.

  • Easy-to-get.
  • Compatible with the most of PC web browsers.
  • Fast download mp3 from YouTube.
  • Working with 40+various websites.
  • Available for free.
  • New updates seem to be troublesome to install.


MP3Studio (Windows)
Supported Audio formats
Supported Video formats

Do you want to listen to your favorite music on your mobile device without connecting to the Internet? There is a good option to get it right from YouTube on your smartphone with Android OS. Just get an MP3Studio YouTube audio downloader and you’ll not depend on your mobile Internet connection any more.
This is a YouTube downloader apk designed specially for musical and video content to be got as easy as possible right on your device’s HDD. This YouTube converter is allowed to use also on your iOS devices and PCs with Windows OS.

What Makes It so Special?

The first reason to get this YouTube video downloader is a free download that requires no registration. Besides this, it is also a convenient YouTube converter to save downloaded files in various formats including popular formats MP3, MP4, M4A.

There are also a few more reasons to choose it.

  • Get your favorite music videos without losses. MP3Studio saves from YouTube in HD quality.
  • Download YouTube videos or MP3s in a pack – even 100+ files at once will be saved accurately and rapidly by this YouTube to mp3 converter.
  • Compatibility with the most popular OS – Android, iOS and PC versions are available for this YouTube mp3 downloader.

What About Its interface?

We can bet, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of use of this YouTube downloader. It is intuitive and beautiful at once. Just launch the converter and start to save from YouTube your favorite mp3s.

  • Simplicity
  • High quality of files saved
  • Most popular formats availability from mp3 and mp4 to FLAC or FLV
  • Compatibility with iOS, Android mobile OS and Web interface
  • Free download without registration
  • There is no SSL encryption for MP3Studio (Web)
Supported Audio formats
Supported Video formats

This audio and video downloader is a perfect match for music lovers. Easy-to-go and smart, it allows you to save from YouTube your favorite songs or podcasts be converting them to the world’s most favorite audio format that is mp3 actually.

You’ll appreciate all the merits of using Mp3juices YouTube to mp3 converter as it is the easiest way to get music for free. Even more. You do not need to search for your favorite song as this YouTube converter online has a powerful searching engine performing the search work for you. All you need to get your YouTube song downloaded for free is to type your request in the search line in the app. Mp3juices YouTube converter will match your request and provide you with multiple options where to download it.

How to Deal With Mp3juices YouTube to mp3 Converter Online

Get the app or apk from the market i.e. GooglePlay. There are both YouTube video downloader to download for free to your desktop and its mobile option to download mp3 to your mobile gadget.

Type your request in a search line. Get options and choose the one you need according to bitrate and sources. Press the Start button and get audio for free in a matter of seconds. No registration or payments are required in this YouTube downloader. Feel all the vibes of the high-quality track you get with Mp3juices YouTube download app. You are also able to share the result of this YouTube mp3 converter via Facebook or save audios to the cloud. These options are also available in buttons under the searching line.

  • The simplest interface ever.
  • Searching engine integrated into the app.
  • Both desktop and mobile versions available.
  • Save to cloud option integrated.
  • Free admission without registration.
  • Only mp3 and mp4 is supported.

Leawo YouTube Downloader

Leawo (Windows)
Supported Audio formats
Supported Video formats

Designed since 2014, Leawo YouTube Downloader is still among the most convenient and functional downloaders from YouTube. Provided for Windows OS this YouTube converter is easy to install for free.

Leawo Interface at a Glance

YouTube mp3 converter has quite a user-friendly interface reminding of commonly used web browsers. When you work with this YouTube downloader, there are three tabs always available in Leawo. The first one is intended for simple video watching as you do it on YouTube. The next tab allows checking your recently viewed videos. The third tab shows your current downloads’ status.


As for its functionality, Leawo is a YouTube download app that allows you as much as possible. Choosing various formats from standard FLV to mobile video formats, it allows to download music from YouTube or a few videos simultaneously, watching videos you want – all this is quite easy to perform with it. It is a good app to use both as YouTube mp3 downloader and video saver.

You are also welcome to choose video quality and its resolution before you start saving from YouTube.

You may also enjoy various language localization making this YouTube video downloader for PC a convenient option for lots of users worldwide.

  • An intuitive web-browser-like interface.
  • Swift downloading process.
  • Availability of multiple videos downloading simultaneously.
  • Multi-format option including mobile formats.
  • When you download a video in every format except FLV. the watermark by Leawo will be placed on it.


What are the most convenient YouTube to mp3 converter? We’ve chosen several of YouTube converters to mp3 that will fulfill all your requirements. Let’s make a quick scope of them.

There are lots of additional options not yet mentioned in our list. Merely every YouTube downloader allows convert from YouTube to mp3 as it is the most popular audio format ever.

How to convert YouTube videos to MP3?

There are lots of methods on how to use your YouTube to mp3 downloader. You can make it your personal YouTube to mp3 converter or convert selected files to some other audio or video formats. In some YouTube converters, you are also able to share the file you get from YouTube via cloud services or Dropbox service, or even on your social media pages.

And there are also abilities to save videos of various length with the help of the same tool. You can save them with the help of your browser whether it is Safari, Chrome or Opera. For the Chrome browser, you are also welcome to use special plugins. Lots of YouTube converters have both desktop and mobile options to use so you may also appreciate that fact.

How to use YouTube to MP3 converters?

Everything is quite easy. You need just to launch an app you’ve chosen to download music from YouTube. It may be an online option launched right on the website or a special application installed on your PC or phone. The principle is quite similar. You need to copy an URL you want to save and to paste it to the search line in the app. Then set some options like the folder to save the file or the quality or bitrate of your mp3. And press the Start button to begin downloading from YouTube started. You are also welcome to save multiple files at once.

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