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The ability to watch videos offline or listen to your favorite music is invaluable. And in order to collect your own archive of media content, you can turn to the most popular video service that is YouTube. There is so much on YouTube, and all of this can be downloaded in video format or in the form of mp3 and mp4 audio tracks.
It is not so difficult to do this because to download any type of content from YouTube, it is enough to use special software that is a Youtube to mp3 converter or a Youtube video downloader . Today there are many such apps, and among them, there are real gems with huge functionality and many opportunities. We talk about them on our website.

We offer you to deep into various apps for desktop PCs, mobile devices or even for special browsers and and choose YouTube mp3 downloader that suits you best.

Download YouTube Video Online

The easiest way to download mp4 from Youtube is online downloading and conversion in the bitrate you need. But first of all, it is worth choosing the right software. These can be web versions of applications with which you can download mp4 and mp3 from YouTube by simply pasting a link to the desired content on YouTube in a special field on a tab with an open website.

There are many such options, for example, you can evaluate the ease and speed of downloading on the FlvTo website or using Mp3juices, an online YouTube video converter that, in addition to YouTube, parses many other multimedia platforms and even sites for streaming services or news services.

There are also special YouTube to mp3 downloaders that are installed separately or built into your browser as plugins. SaveFrom, Y2mate and all the same mp3juices have such. Just launch the plugin and start downloading whatever you need.

What else is good about this format of downloading video and audio from YouTube online? Of course, the small weight of the applications, or even the absence of the need to use them in general because you can download mp3 or mp3 from YouTube just in the next browser tab.

Most of these applications are compatible with different types of devices, up to the use on mobile operating systems, and this is also a nice bonus to their use.

In general, you don’t even need to strain to convert YouTube to mp3 – YouTube to mp3 converter online will help you with this.

YouTube Downloaders for Windows

Since Windows remains the most popular operating system in the world for computers and laptops, it is very important to choose an online YouTube to mp3 or YouTube to mp4 converter that is compatible with this OS.

Often, developers offer several versions of one application at once, and it is very important to download exactly the one that is suitable for downloading music from YouTube in your operating system (for example, the same app may have different versions not only for different Windows OS, but and for their 32-bit or 64-bit version, and this is also worth paying attention to.

There are a lot of advantages of YouTube to mp3 downloaders for Windows:

Compared to online downloaders for PC, downloaders from YouTube to mp3 and mp4 for Windows OS often have wider functionality. Often, you can select different video formats for saving content in them, which means that you can also save your favorite movies or music videos to your computer without losing quality. Some of these desktop YouTube video converters also have video or audio processing functions, for example, trimming, mixing, changing settings. And this is also convenient for users who want not only to download music from YouTube or save a movie to their hard drive but also to be creative with the content, creating something of their own.

Among such applications for Windows, the most convenient YouTube mp3 downloaders are Freemake Video Downloader (the most functional application with many available formats for downloading), Leawo (another intuitive and high-quality way to download mp3 from YouTube), as well as By Click Downloader – a converter that amazes with its download speed.

YouTube Downloaders for Android

Today, not everyone uses desktop computers or laptops. But everyone probably has mobile phones or tablets. And the lion’s share of such devices runs on Android OS. It is convenient and provides a wide choice, especially when it comes to downloading mp3. Not everyone and not always can remain connected to the mobile Internet network, so listening to music online is not always possible. In this case, you should think about downloading mp3 tracks from YouTube using special YouTube converter apks. They will not only find the track you need, convert it from video format to mp3 or mp4, or even to FLAC or OGG. If necessary, you can save their result of downloading mp3 from YouTube to the cloud, share it on Dropbox, or even send them to social networks.

And there are many such YouTube video and audio downloaders for Android. Not all of them are free, however, but if you have a desire to download mp3 from YouTube on an Android device, we have good news for you. On our site, you will find reviews and links to download the best YouTube to mp3 and mp4 converters for your smartphone. We give preference to functional, but free applications that will allow our users to enjoy high-quality music and perfect sound without obligatory payment and registration.

Such YouTube downloaders apk are VidMate, KeepVid, SnapTube and TubeMate. As you can see from the name of the first two, they not only help to download mp3 from YouTube but can also save content in videos of various formats. First of all, these are mobile video formats adapted to the memory and resolution of a smartphone. And this is especially convenient because the standard desktop YouTube downloader usually offers a high resolution when downloading a video, which means that such a file will take up a lot of space. Mobile apks for Android easily solve this problem.

Downloaders for Chrome

There is also a convenient option on how to download video from YouTube or to convert Youtube to mp3 if you are using Chrome browser. It uses the convenient principle of built-in plugins that are placed at the top of the browser and allow you to start their processes in one click, if necessary. Such plugins are also provided in order to download YouTube in mp3 or save a video from YouTube in a format convenient for you.

Thanks to YouTube downloaders for Chrome, you don’t have to worry about installing third-party applications on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The whole process of installing the YouTube downloader plugin in mp3 in the Chrome browser takes no more than a couple of mouse clicks.

It is no less convenient to download YouTube video and convert it to the format you need, be it mp3, mp4, FLAC, HD or AVI. It is enough to click on the plugin and launch it on the open Chrome tab, where the video of your choice is launched on YouTube. By the way, most of these converters for Chrome can be used not only to download mp3 from YouTube – they work with an extensive list of sites containing multimedia content, for example, Facebook, Vimeo, RuTube and others.

The leaders among YouTube converters for Chrome are One Click Video Downloader, Free Music Downloader and others. We invite you to take full advantage of YouTube downloaders for Chrome and listen to quality music at your pleasure anytime, anywhere.

How to Download YouTube Video?

According to the software you’ve chosen as your YouTube converter, the principle of downloading video may vary but not greatly. All you need is to paste the link for the video on YouTube to download and to set several simple options in settings. They are format, definition, resolution and the folder to save from YouTube. Nothing else is required. In some apps, there is also an option to choose some special settings you may appreciate when you need a powerful YouTube converter.

How to Download YouTube Videos to mp3

It’s as simple as pie, whichever YouTube downloader you choose. You just need to launch the application and copy the URL of a video that you want to download to mp3 from YouTube. Further, some of the applications may offer you alternative format options or options for converting YouTube to mp3 with different bit rates. It is enough just to put a tick on the options you need and start downloading from YouTube. By the way, some of the YouTube downloaders allow you to download up to 100 tracks at the same time, and this can be used if you want to quickly save YouTube to mp3.

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